An Agent Requested My First 50 pages!

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So, I have to go to work in a few moments, where I can’t really show how excited I am…I’ve literally jumped up and down like a toddler (my son thought it was funny and a bit scary) and my best friend couldn’t understand what I was saying on the phone because my voice was so high and squeaky.

A really good agent (whose address is 5th Ave. NYC) has requested to read the first 50 pages of my novel.  It’s the third query I’ve sent out since last September.  I’ve been pretty selective, because I’ve been burned by less-than-professional folks in “the industry” before.

His query system is online, and he responded in less than 24 hours.  24 hours!  God, in the theatre, I sent out 15 queries in September, and I have only had one response from the whole lot (not a rejection, a “we’re still reading”), and it was generic, and it came this month. 

So, to be clear, he hasn’t READ them yet, and I don’t HAVE an agent, but he has agreed to read.  I am going to the post office right now, tra la.

And that, my darlings, is the first step.  

Well, really, finishing the second draft was the first step to making this query.  I finished that this past weekend, and in a fit of afterglow at finding what I think is a new and much more satisfying ending sent him the query. So maybe it was the third step.  Or more. 

See, I subscribe to the notion that there are no “big breaks.”  There are lots of tiny little breaks, and maybe someday, they build up like the power law, and there is a cataclysmic something, and a landslide or earthquake or an artistic or critical or popular success. 

I have finally made it past the first step towards publication of this thing. This story that I’ve been working on for 25 years. Although only 3 years in this particular iteration.  I do love my characters.  All of them, even the flawed ones.  They’re all flawed.  The book is probably flawed, too.  But that’s okay.  It says what I want it to say.  I want it to have a life, out there, in the great big world.

Please, if you’re inclined to do such things, think good thoughts for this book.  I’ve really put my heart into it.  

I’ve become faithful enough that whatever happens, it will be the right thing. 

It sure would be nice to get a break. 

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